How we work

The objective of the WEND BE NE DO program is the global attention to HIV people, for that, the following actions are performed:

  • Medical Attention
  • Psychological Attention to infected people, orphans and children with risks.
  • Nutritional attention for them.
  • Health support, Education (in Burkina Education is not free) and the professional future of the orphans and children at risk.

We go on with the following objectives:

  • To receive, to listen, to value and to restore lives hit by Aids.
  • Improving the health of people affected, stabilizing his or her disease and assuring prevention and treatments of the opportunist diseases.
  • Improving the physical and moral situation of the program’s users.

During these years the organisation has achieved.

  • To make us visible on the fight against Aids above human sphere.
  • Promoting and supplying counselling and tests about HVI with a volunteer character.
  • Stabilizing the virus in 20 infected people
  • To restore confidence and the life expectancy in a big number of persons, thanks to a personal and group psychological attention.
  • Improving the nutrition of infected people, the same for orphans and children at risk.
  • To reinforce the care of psychological orphans and children with risks attention, their education and their health.
  • Make users participant of the project activities.

The week: Activities are organized as follows:

  • Monday: reception, personal treatments and consultations. Counseling.
  • Tuesday: In-home consultations
  • Wednesday: Counseling, consultations, observations and antiretroviral dispensation.
  • Thursday: reception, personal treatments and consultations, observations and antiretroviral dispensation.
  • Friday: In-home consultations.
  • Saturday: Word groups. (self- help groups ) psychological attention.
  • Sunday: shifts and duties at the centre (coordinators and volunteers once per month)